This system uses Material Design's icon font. You can access all icons available in the Material Design library without the need to upload SVGs into your assets panel.


Replacing the icon

  1. Go to https://material.io/resources/icons/
  2. Search for the icon you want to insert
  3. Click on ‘Selected Icon’ in the bottom left corner
  4. Copy icon name
  5. Select the content of the Material Icons class on the canvas (Double-click + Ctrl+A)
  6. Paste the icon name from clipboard

Changing the icon theme

  1. Click on the icon: account_box
  2. Rename Material Icons class to the name of desired theme: Material Icons Outlined , Material Icons Round , Material Icons Sharp

Changing the color of the icon

Simply apply the text color class to the icon. For example C T Error-60

Icon Components

Feature Icon / Light
Feature Icon / Dark
Icon Small